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SG Celebrity Productions is a celebrity marketing and talent buying company that sets up appearances for hundreds of exciting stars from prime-time television, soap operas, film, sci-fi/fantasy, sports, music, modeling, comedy, fitness, cooking, gardening, and more, past and present.
From our database of thousands, we secure any star that fits your function, target audience and budget. We are not the exclusive representation of the celebrity, therefore, we can book any star from any area of fame and we are buying the celebrity for you, so we keep all the costs down. We do not attempt to charge the most for the star. Your company benefits by our relationships with the Hollywood community and the frequency with which we work with stars.

In addition to booking the star, and equally as important to your event, SG Celebrity Productions will help publicize the appearance in any market, by setting up interviews and stories on local radio, newspapers, and television. The added value of this free publicity is worth thousands of dollars to you and adds to the success of the event by more people hearing of the appearance and more people attending.
Your company benefits by our relationships with media across the country.
Our attention to detail and commitment to your needs equals success.
Your success is our success!!!
Celebrity appearances enhance any event by bringing in big crowds of people, adding prestige and attracting the attention of the media. People are fascinated by celebrities and go out of their way to attend an event where a star is present. SG Celebrity Productions brings Hollywood to you to help create this excitement.